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WALL OF SILENTS is a far too modest title for a band of this caliber. WALL OF CRUSHINGLY HEAVY, DOWN TUNED DOOM ROCK seems much more appropriate although possibly a bit lengthy.

Whatever you want to call them, this Palmerston North band has mastered the art of heavy on their self titled debut album. It’s a brutal combination of stoner doom and punk, engineered to pulverise everything in is path.

Skeletor’s death-style vocals has been mixed to perfection, sounding evil but without overpowering the rest of the music. His grumble is so low in parts that its almost like the addition of another bass guitar to the mayhem.

Also adding colour to the album are some classic lines from movies Repo Man, Army of Darkness and Alien. I’m pretty sure there’s some original Frankenstein thrown in there too.

Of all the songs on this album “National High” left the greatest impression on me. This track provides a winning combination of WALL OF SILENTS’ huge low end sound and the tripped out guitar solos stir up all kinds of mental imagery – damn its catchy!

I’m definitely digging the realm of music that this band is exploring and he way these guys work to utilise the entire low end of the audio spectrum. If you’re a fan of heavy then it’ll be well worth cranking up your stereo and letting the WALL OF SILENTS surround you.