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My earliest memory of STICKY FILTH was my Dad telling me that their music was just a wall of noise. With that said, how could I resist tracking down some of the bands material? The band’s music was surprisingly difficult to find… It seems that if you want to get hold of a STICKY FILTH recording these days, you’ve got to be prepared to look everywhere – in NZ and overseas! That can be attributed to the fact that although this band started out in 1985, they didn’t release anything on CD until the ‘Witches’ EP in 1997.

Stainless solves that problem. Excluding Archives (a CD compilation of 3 STICKY FILTH’s ‘Weep Woman Weep’, ‘Nektar Der Gotter’ and ‘Def Thru Misadventure’ vinyls) it breaks an eight year period of silence from STICKY FILTH with a barrage of driving rhythms that have given this three-piece Hardcore Rock band its cult following.

Evident from the intro featuring a bass rendition of ‘Witch Hazel’, and even more so from the second track ‘Nadia’, this album is STICKY FILTH at their best.

If you’ve ever heard the band play before you’ll instantly recognise Craig Radford’s catchy bass hooks. It’s also great to hear some blazing guitar shreds, which are more or less absent in today’s commercial Rock music.

Stainless contains all fours songs from the ‘Witches’ EP although they’re slightly differenty. And strangely as it may seem, the album is tied up with two remixes created by CONCORDE DAWN.

If you’re new to STICKY FILTH, ‘Stainless’ makes the perfect introduction to the band. And if you’re a loyal fan you should have this album already!