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Full credit to SINATE for releasing an album within less than a year of reforming. From the moment your ears are assaulted by ‘Beyond Human’, it’s obvious these metallers have worked 24/7 to build SINATE into the beast it has become. Quality musicianship, quality recording and quality packaging made this album one of the most impressive NEw Zealand metal releases of 2005.

Before hearing ‘Beyond Human’ I expected I’d more than likely be drawing comparisons with 8 FOOT SATIVA… wrong! As far as kiwi bands go, SINATE already have a sound of their own, drawing influences from a range of styles within the Metal genre. Take ‘King Of Betrayal’ which combines classic Death Metal with the heavy groove of PANTERA-style riffing. What’s really captivating about this incarnation of SINATE though, is the lead guitarring. The shredding in ‘Step Out Of The Light’ and ‘Psycho Society’ has a really traditional Thrash Metal feel about it – think MEGADETH in their ‘Rust In Peace’ days.

Also impressive are Matt’s vocals. His familiarity with the SINATE material really shows through on this album compared to his hurredly recorded vocals on ‘Breed The Pain’.

What a way to tie up 2005 and pave the way for the new album due out this year! If you want to hear NEw ZEALAND Metal at it’s best, you need to hear ‘Beyond Human’!

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones