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Metal driven hardcore brutality. This quote from the bands myspace pretty much sums up their sound. Hailing from Gisbourne SAVING GRACE have already managed to sign to record labels in Australia, America and to Universal via Deadboy records for here in New Zealand. They’ve certainly wasted no time, as they’ve already shared the stage with the likes of PARKWAY DRIVE, DARKEST HOUR and BLEEDING THROUGH. As Christians, signed in the states to a Christian label, they’re likely to do well, I’d almost expect to see them touring America with like minded Hardcore/Metalcore acts.
Lyrically, their songs cover Christian issues, Sexual issues, heartache, staying true to ones-self, dealing with suicide and they have strong opinions on their beliefs. Yep, sounds like a good ol’ hardcore band to me. Plenty of Metal-Hardcore fans, including myself, that would be hesitant over the Christian values often sung about but I take ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ for its musical merit. It’s fast paced and brutal with Metal Hardcore screaming, even the odd pig squeal thrown in for good measure. There are the standard hardcore elements, moshpit and circlepit inducing breakdowns even the odd slower part that requires no more than headbanging. However, there’s nothing to immediately distinguish SAVING GRACE from a multitude of similar sounding bands, but as a relatively young band, formed in 2004, I’m sure that will come with time.
If you like your Hardcore/Metalcore then check these guys out, they are definitely worth while and ranks well up there with the finest of our New Zealand Metal/Hardcore acts.

Review by: Dale Wallath (DJ of the Hard Fast & Heavy Show on 95bFM)