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I couldnt think of a better time to review this album after just coming back from Rock2Wgtn at Easter. The band’s at that gig, ALICE COOPER, POISON, KISS, WHITESNAKE etc were just kickass performers and now their songs have been immortalised in an equally kickass compilation. Growing up with this music may have made me biased, but to me this is the sort of CD that you put on and instantly find yourself in a good mood. There’s no point in reviewing the songs – we all know them already: MOTLEY CRUE’s Dr Feelgood, SKID ROW’s – 18 And Life, BLACK SABBATH’s Heaven And Hell and even New Zealands own offering from PUSH PUSH with Trippin’. Admittedly the line up is not quite as OLD SKOOL OF ROCK (the first compilation in this series) but this compilation still has two CDs jam packed with all the old classics you can sing along to (you’ll find that you know all the words) and rock out to. This album MUST be played loud.

Review by Emily McCarvill