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It’s been 13 long years since MORBID ANGEL last visited New Zealand shores but by Zeus did they put on one well hell of a show to make up for it! Playing to a packed out Transmission Room in Auckland the band unleashed extreme Metal hell, pulverizing the audience with track after track of classic brutal Death Metal. As you’d expect there were plenty of blast beats, mind blowing guitar shreds and of course David Vincent’s death growls.

The crowd at this show – the second night of ‘Audience With The Devil 7’ – was definitely bigger than the previous evening’s one and it was awesome to see a shit load of old school MORBID ANGEL fans who I didnt recognize out for a night of action. Damn, did they know how to execute the perfect mosh pit. The crowd surfing was almost as brutal as the music and in one particular instance I found myself cringing at the poor young dude who was thrown face first into the front row barrier. Hopefully the good people at the Transmission Room know a good panel beater because the guys face actually dented the barrier!

Founding member and legendary guitarist Trey Azagthoth dealt out some insane shreds but touring guitarist Thor Anders Myhren (aka Destructhor of Norwegian metallers ZYKLON) was equally as impressive. MORBID ANGEL’s set consisted mainly of the bands earlier material, definitely nothing from Heretic, and also a new song ‘Nevermore’ – a nice taster for what’s to come on the new album which the band will record after this Australasian tour.

In all, MORBID ANGEL played one of the most memorable shows for myself to date Transmission Room. Hopefully they’ll be back here for another gig in less than 13 years!