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Hailing from the far reaches of Helsinki, Finland is MOONSORROW, the Pagan / Folk / Black Metal outfit founded in 1995. This band has gained a reputation for delivering tracks of epic length and while this recording is called an EP, dont let that trick you into thinking it’s short in duration. The title track alone is over just shy of 30 minutes long!

The first recording I heard from these guys was their 2003 reissue of ‘Suden Uni’. That re-release has a bonus track, the legendary drinking sing-along tune called ‘Tulkaapa Äijät!’ which still rates as an all time favourite of mine – very similar to the likes of fellow countrymen FINNTROLL. That booze-up song aside, the rest of the band’s material is of a much different style. 2008’s ‘Tulimyrsky EP’ begins with an atmospheric intro of trickling water which builds up with precussive guitarring and drums before it all comes crashing down in a wave of Black Metal blast beat action. That’s just the first couple of minutes, the remaining 20-something minutes hold just as much variation including acoustic sections etc.

The other stand out track on this release has to be the cover of METALLICA’s classic ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’. If you’re growing tired of hearing straightforward METALLICA covers then rest assured this is not a standard one at all. There are no vocals for the first five minutes of this song which is very cool because it lets you appreciate the way MOONSORROW has re-arranged this composition to suit their Folk Metal style. It’s fully got the whole Nordic Metal stamp on it, heavy and epic! Very nice. Finnish Metal like MOONSORROW is where it’s at ladies and gentleman. Play it loud!

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones