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Honestly, I don’t know what the hell happened to MIDNIGHT YOUTH between their debut ‘The Brave Don’t Run’ and ‘World Comes Calling’ but I like it! After storming their way to success with that first release, these guys are back with something equally hook-laden but a million times more epic and sincere.

Whether it’s through instinct or experience or both, this band knows exactly how to construct the perfect rock n roll album and on ‘World Comes Calling’ it all begins with the slow rolling, stadium rock anthem of an opening track ‘The Street’. Write that down. You’ll be singing along to it at MIDNIGHT YOUTH’s live shows from now on.

Actually, write down the second track ‘Down Inside’ as well. Cool song, guitars and vocals impeccably arranged in such a way that just when you might expect a surrender to a paint-by-numbers chorus you’re pleasantly surprised with guitars of shimmering ambience.

As it’s name suggests ‘Wont Stop’ isn’t the end of the great times on this album. This song has a real retro rock n roll vibe going on topped with some mighty soulful vocals. It’ll also be a hit live for sure. ‘You Said You’re Free’ gets my stamp of approval too with it’s high energy rock n roll sounding something like the bastard child of a VELVET REVOLVER / U2 one night stand.

The second half of this album is a hemisphere of its own. This is where the more straight-up rock n roll takes a back seat for some genuine thinking persons music. It’s a good thing. There are some amazing tracks in here like ‘Listen’, a moving number which hits a lead guitar crescendo before being brought back to earth with some beautiful clean guitar work.

The other stand out for me is ‘French Girl’ with it’s dark and broody atmosphere (reminiscent of Justin K. Broadrick’s JESU) building into something uplifting and majestic.

Hats off to MIDNIGHT YOUTH and also to producer / engineer Andrew Buckton (SOMMERSET / SUPERGROOVE / CROWDED HOUSE) for playing his part in creating what the band credits as his “magnum opus”. It certainly is! This is the rock album that will define the kiwi summer of 2011/2012. Turn it up, grab a coldie and kick back!

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones

MIDNIGHT YOUTH – World Comes Calling


1. The Street
2. Down Inside
3. Won’t Stop
4. Who Said You’re Free
5. Come One Come All
6. World Comes Calling
7. Too Young To Wonder
8. Listen
9. French Girl
10. Mark My Words

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

11. Motorway
12. World Comes Calling (Acoustic Version)
13. Who Said You’re Free (Video)