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Offering a diverse mixture of Hardcore, Metal, Punk and Rock, Auckland’s LOS MUERTOS are the latest addition to the ever growing line-up of artists on the 1157 label – and a fine addition they are! It’s awesome to hear music of this calibre and quality coming straight out of NZ. Once again we have producer Zorran Mendonsa (CAUSE FOR ALLIANCE, SAVING GRACE) to thank for the recording quality. All of the songwriting credit however goes straight to LOS MUERTOS.

This self titled debut for the band is in some ways hard to describe. The vocals are aggressive and very much in the Hardcore vein although while I say that, there are some catchy chorus sections that I’m sure will give LOS MUERTOS fans a great opportunity to sing along with the band at live shows. The music on this release is hard hitting and for the most part melodic but at the same time can have kind of off beat drums and disjointed guitar chords in parts – not to any detriment though, it makes this musical journey an entertaining one.

I really dig the artwork that comes with this CD too – black and white woodcut print style picture of a ship sailing through the ocean with a bright blue bolt of lightning striking it. Very striking, no pun intended, ok well maybe sort of. Anyway, great release. If you’re into that Post-Hardcore sort of music along the lines of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN you’ll probably really dig this CD.

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones