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Made internet-famous by a you tube video, with almost 3million views, featuring their 2005 song “Knee Deep” from the E.P “Doom”, apparently played by children’s cartoon character Sponge Bob and other residents of “Bikini Bottom” (type ‘death metal sponge bob’ into youtube and you should get it).

They formed in 2003, in 2005 they self-released an E.P “Doom” which caught the eye of an independent record label, though possibly with the help of myspace and scoring a few gigs on one of the multitudes of touring metal festivals in the states. In short order, they had scored a deal with Metal Blade, put together their 2007 album “Genesis”, European tours and shows with big names followed. They’re a case of a smart, hardworking band gets lucky- and are American…

Musically, I like it. I am a fan of vocals mixing up between the death-metal guttural and the high pitched screams and in this, vocalist Jonny Davy, doesn’t disappoint. He’s sounding more accomplished here than on “Genesis”, pointing out the obvious I know but it needs to be said. A back to back comparison of “Genesis” and “Ruination” shows that “Ruination” is led less by the string section, a result of the band moving away from the ‘Deathcore’ sound a bit, more Death metal, technical etc. Overall it is more unified, apparently political rather than a concept album and well worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of Job for a Cowboy, and/or technical-leaning death metal with hints of ‘core’.

It also comes with some wicked booklet artwork and imaginative song titles (i.e. “Constitutional Masturbation” and “Regurgitated Disinformation”) due out July 7th (exact New Zealand release date unknown) but you can listen to the album off the bands myspace page and make up your own mind. (

Review by: Dale Wallath (DJ of the Hard Fast & Heavy Show on 95bFM)