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Christchurch’s HUMAN need no introduction. They’ve been blasting out Death / Grindcore tunes since way the hell back in 1992 making them one of the most long standing NZ bands in their genre. And yep, not surprisingly this band’s many years of experience has resulted in them being masters of the intricate craft of combining only the sickest humour with brutal Metal.

‘Cadaver Academy’ is the continuation of this legacy and certaintly the gem in the crown of HUMAN’s musical catalogue to date. By all accounts it is apparent that a lot of blood, sweat and beers (and possibly other human excretions as well) have been put into this release starting with the fact it was recorded twice, the second time with new drummer Nikolas Kissel. The result: an album which offers not just Death / Grind tracks but tracks which touch on a wider range of Metal genres. Songs like ‘Centrifugal Skin Removal’ and ‘Brutalised In Brutality’ have a really Groove / Thrash feel to them and the CD is also peppered with some great lead guitar shreds on ‘We Come In Pieces’, ‘Outhouse Sniper’ and more.

HUMAN’s previous releases have always had great song titles on offer and ‘Cadaver Academy’ doesn’t come up short in that respect. You’ve gotta love ‘Endangered Faeces’, ‘Roid Rage’ (great intro!) and my personal favourite ‘Torched By An Angel’. But apart from the musical diversity and sick track names, what really gets me with the ‘Cadaver Academy’ album is the recording quality. This is NZ Metal recorded to an international standard that you’d expect to hear on any of the major overseas labels. Bloody good job guys!

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones