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Keeping the legacy of Horror Punk alive are veteran Rockers HORROR STORY who’ve successfully remained undead since the year 2000. These guys are truly something unique – I mean how often to you hear a band singing about meeting their zombie queen at the drive-in? That’s at least a little bit weird huh?

HORROR STORY is a trip through time and space to when bands like the MISFITS were scaring the hell out of people in the 80s. And just like the MISFITS, there’s a cult following for this band and music of the Horror Punk genre – even if most of it is probably outside New Zealand.

‘Bride Of The Monster’ leads the listener through a 17 song journey of death, zombies, mutilation and outer space. There’s no escape from the rediculously catchy (almost anthem-like) choruses in songs like ‘Full Moon At Midnight’, ‘I Wanna Eat Your Brains’ and ‘Grave Robbers’. They’ll stick in your head like an axe I tell ya!

The other cool thing about this CD is the packaging, which is worlds away from some of the previous releases I’ve seen on the Demon Nation label. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the black and white covers adorning vocalist / guitarist Von Toxic’s former releases with bands such as NEFARIOUS and 1080, but ‘Bride Of The Monster’ is 100% colour and glossy. The band’s ties with the Illicit crew in Auckland have also earned some quality artwork in the form of the ‘Yummy Mummy’ by Steve Morse on the cover.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another band quite like HORROR STORY in New Zealand. But if you’re a fan of bands like the MISFITS and want to get your fill of Horror Punk, I recommend heading out there and digging up a copy! That said, I’m hungry… damn, where’d I put that corpse?