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We might’ve had to wait for three years for the new ELEMENO P album but after giving this CD a spin I’m confident it was definitely worth the wait. According to the band themselves this CD was self titled because “it really felt like it’s the most honest and ELEMENO P-ish record to date so we thought it appropriate to simply call it Elemeno P”. And honest this CD is. There are some realities of being a New Zealand Rock band which seem to apply to all bands great and small who exist here. ELEMENO P have touched on some of the bigger ones like the seemingly manditory day job to suppliment the typical (low) Kiwi muso income. You’ll hear that story written in good ol’ upbeat ELEMENO P Rock n’ Roll fashion in the track ‘Baby Come On’ and I think it’s a case of same idea, different theme in the following song ‘Take The High Road’.

Those are two of the more upbeat tracks but in all this recording is well balanaced in terms of there being a good mix of guitar driven Rock n’ Roll and then the more ballad style tunes – much like ELEMENO P has delivered in the past. There is definitely maturity in the music though, and I think with the band recording and producing this album in their own home studio in their own time has provided the opportunity for that to happen. By the way, you’d never pick this recording was done at home by the band, it’s A grade production! If you’re an ELEMENO P fan or just a fan of great NZ Rock n’ Roll then this ones for you!

Review By Dave Borgioli-Jones