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Ever since Max Cavalera’s shock departure from SEPULTURA in late 1996 fans have hoped to see a Max / SEPULTURA reunion. 2008 sees the next best thing coming into fruition with ‘Inflikted’ by the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. This Groove/Thrash record marks a highly anticipated reunion of Max (vocals / guitar) with brother Iggor Cavalera (drums) for the first time in over a decade!

From the first track this album carries that unmistakable machinegun-like pounding of the Brazilian Death/Thrash sound. It’s reminiscent of pre-’Roots’ SEPULTURA and also NAILBOMB but with a slighly more refined recording quality. There are awesome solos throughout and interestingly the odd sample has been thrown in as well. Basically if you’re a fan of music in the vein of the aforementioned bands then you’re guaranteed to be digging this release, I really dont know what else to say!
Interesting facts: the talented ex-MACHINE HEAD guitarist Logan Mader was on the production team for this release and ex-PANTERA / DOWN bassist Rex Brown has a cameo appearance playing bass on the track ‘Ultra-Violent’. Just in case you were wondering, we didn’t spell Iggor’s name wrong – he changed it from Igor back in 1996 because apparently Iggor looks better.

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones

Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted

1. Inflikted
2. Sanctuary
3. Terrorize
4. Black Ark
5. Ultra-Violent
6. Hex
7. The Doom Of All Fires
8. Bloodbrawl
9. Nevertrust
10. Hearts Of Darkness
11. Must Kill