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Introducing CAUSE FOR ALLIANCE, a Metalcore / Hardcore band from Auckland who’ve released what I’m pretty confident will be one of the best Metal releases from New Zealand this year. Everythings been done right with this EP – it has professional artwork of an international standard, killer riffage that remains killer the whole way through, and beautifully polished production from a guy called Zorran Mendonsa (guitarist for NEW WAY HOME) who is making quite a name for himself in the New Zealand music community. It’s not hard to tell why because this EP sounds like it could just as well be from one of the major international Metalcore artists.

‘Coalesce’ is a 6 song journey through some exqisitely layered musical landscapes created by a mixture of intense Metalcore which flows through to more ambient sections with cleaner vocals. Some of the ambient material reminds me of SOILWORK’s newer more progressive music – ‘Figure Number Five’ and later. The more brutal sections seem to take on board catchy Swedish Melodic Death Metal melodies supercharged with Metalcore along the likes of CHIMAIRA from the US. This EP is wrapped up with a bonus demo track called ‘Revelation… Deceit’s Death’. Not that you’d pick it as a demo though, the guitars sound huge and (in a good way) punishing and abrasive.

I think this CD easily rivals the quality of what’s coming out on the international Metal market right now and its more than certainly raised the bar for Metal music in New Zealand. I can’t wait until these guys release an album, in the meantime you must get this EP which is available through the CAUSE FOR ALLIANCE website here!

Review by Dave Borgioli-Jones