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If you’re Metalcore / Hardcore to the core then you’re probably already familiar with New Zealand’s ANTAGONIST. Formed in 2005 this band released an album ‘These Cities, Our Graves’ in 2006 and has supported an ever growing list of international artists including the likes of HATEBREED, UNEARTH, BLEEDING THROUGH, DARKEST HOUR and PARKWAY DRIVE.

The band’s latest release comes in the form of an EP titled ‘Distance’ and put simply this CD is straight up, rip your throat out Metalcore from the get go – theres no fucking around! Production wise I’m impressed, the quality is awesome. Musically, it’s somewhere in the vein of CHIMAIRA and I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN but some of the melodies remind me of the older material from Swedish Melodic Death Metal band IN FLAMES only heavier. The thrashier parts remind me of another awesome Swedish Metal band THE HAUNTED. Making it unique is the odd clean vocal section here and there – the kiwi accent really shining through.

Yet another quality release from Elevenfiftyseven Records, without a doubt one of the top independent Rock labels in New Zealand at the moment. Keep an eye out for a second ANTAGONIST album ‘We Are The Dead’ scheduled for release in September 2008.