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Legendary New Zealand rockers SHIHAD have confirmed the tracklisting for their greatest hits collection ‘The Meanest Hits’.

After selling over 250,000 records worldwide and with 9 full albums under their belt, the band will release their first career retrospective album on 7 November 2011.

Fans can choose between a 20-track disc of SHIHAD’s greatest hits or a limited edition deluxe package with 38 tracks featuring all this hits as well as the band’s personal favourites. See tracklists below.

It gets even better… on 17 October 2011 the band will release their EP ‘Devolve’ (1990) and their first 12 singles for the first time digitally on iTunes. The first 12 singles are ‘Devolve’, ‘I Only Said’, ‘Stations’, ‘Derail’, ‘You Again’, ‘Bitter’, ‘Gimme Gimme’, ‘Debs Night Out’, ‘La La Land’, ‘A Day Away’, ‘Home Again’, ‘Yr Head is a Rock’, ‘Blue Light Disco’.

And then it gets better again… in addition to the above SHIHAD’s entire singles / B-Sides collection comprising more than 100 tracks will also be available on iTunes from October 17.


1. Home Again
2. Run
3. The General Electric
4. You Again
5. My Minds Sedate
6. Comfort Me
7. One will hear the other
8. Pacifier
9. Ignite
10. Beautiful Machine
11. Wait and See
12. Debs Night Out
13. Everything
14. Sleepeater
15. La La Land
16. All the Young Fascists
17. Bitter
18. Alive
19. I Only Said.
20. It



1. Home Again
2. The General Electric
3. You Again
4. La La Land
5. Pacifier
6. Stations
7. Rule the World
8. Dark Times
9. Ignite
10. I Only Said
11. Sleepeater
12. Beautiful Machine
13. Interconnector
14. A Day Away
15. Sport and Religion
16. Bullitproof
17. Alive
18. Factory
19. It


1. Run
2. My Minds Sedate
3. Bitter
4. Comfort Me
5. Ghost from the past
6. Thin White Line
7. One will hear the other
8. Wait and see
9. Everything
10. Engage
11. Debs night out
12. Yr Head is a Rock
13. Saddest song in the world
14. Lead or follow
15. Gimme Gimme
16. All the young Fascists
17. Screwtop
18. Derail
19. Down Dance