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Auckland metal band FUELSET are offering a limited edition version of their new album ‘Sounds Of A Dying Seagull’ to people who place pre-orders.

Guitarist Joe Murdie says “There are less that 100 copies of this, its more of a special thanks to everyone that pre orders.”

To pre-order the album email [email protected].

‘Sounds Of A Dying Seagull’ is four years in the making and features vocalist X-Zile who was not present on FUELSET’s debut album. The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Reputation of the Flesh
2. 20 Year Storm
3. Alone
4. A Friend
5. 50 Leaves
6. Leading Goats to Water
7. Hotbox
8. Rhythm ‘N’ Brutal
9. Dehumanise

Check out the videos for ‘Alone’ and ‘Leading Goats To Water’ below: