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After New Zealand’s legendary Garage Rockers THE D4 decided to go on an extended hiatus details of an exciting and twisted new project from frontman Jimmy Christmas soon came to light. The name of this new musical endeavour – LUGER BOA. As this interview is published, the band is touring New Zealand as support for SHIHAD’s ‘Beautiful Machine’ tour. NZRock’s Dave Borgioli-Jones gets the lowdown from Jimmy…

NZRock: I was listening to LUGER BOA on Myspace and ‘1000 Hooks’ sounded almost like Grindcore for the first second and then reminded me of THE VINES. what was the inspiration behind doing this mixture of music?

Jimmy: The inspiration for this music is ultimately my moments of madness. Sonically I have plundered from far and wide, deep into the past, and far into the future. People have made many diverse yet indefinite comparisons with the Luger tracks to things that appeal to them and very few are the same. I think maybe it’s their own madness they hear in there too…

Jimmy Christmas Luger Boa D4NZRock: You recorded the LUGER BOA album over in Aussie, was there a reason you picked recording in Aussie over recording here in NZ and are you happy with the result?

Jimmy: The album actually began life in a secret location in Kingsland, Auckland, and a lot of what was recorded there ended up on the final tracks. I had to head across the Tasman in order to bring the other parts of the beast to life. I spent a decent amount of time alone in hot, seedy hotel rooms in Melbourne which aided in the creative process immensely, and it made a great deal of sense to capture the strange thoughts in my head as soon as was possible. Also, Barry Palmer keeps his lair there, and with the run of his laboratory we were able to achieve great results. So yes I am happy, for it is now ALIVE!

NZRock: What was it like working with Barry Palmer and how did you come to be associated with him to begin with?

Jimmy: I met Barry a few years ago on a mutual search for victory and was instantly impressed with his creative destructiveness. The force is strong in him, and working with Baz is like wrestling a tornado. I like that. We got very drunk, turned it up really loud, and created a musical monster! Awooo!

NZRock: Who else is in LUGER BOA when you play live? or is it just yourself solo?

The current line up of LB includes myself, one Sam Lockley (blond, devilish, undeniable), a young Dave Rowlands (a whirlwind in incredible pants ), Mark Rees (beast-like thumper of tubs and a true gentleman) and, for this tour, a certain Karl Kippenberger (bass maestro for up-and-comers Shihad, and all round top bloke). I could never perform the Luger catalogue solo, it is too complicated and besides, I like my monsters many-headed.

NZRock: How’d you come up with the name LUGER BOA?

Jimmy: Drunkenly, late at night, and under the influence of extreme volume and lots of flashing lights.

NZRock: How’d you land this opportinuty to tour as support for SHIHAD?

Jimmy: I was fortunate enough to encounter Karl Kippenberger on the streets of Melbourne whilst I was looking for someone to play bass on the songs we had written. I then lured him into the studio with the promise of a few stiff drinks and all the wasabi peas he could eat. Naturally he did a fantastic job on the tunes, and as time progressed I guess he felt an urge to play them live, an urge so strong and compelling he managed to wangle us a support slot on the tour. Good on those Shihad boys, they are all class I am most grateful for the chance to juice up an audience for them.

NZRock: THE D4 was popular in Japan, has LUGER BOA recieved a lot of interest from your fans over there?

Jimmy: I am starting to receive strange things in the post yes, and the cries from the land of the Rising Sun are beginning to reach our shores. Fear not my friends, I shall return!

NZRock: What did you get up to between THE D4 and starting LUGER BOA?

Jimmy: I pursued my long time desire to be a professional footballer. Although I’m not sure its quite the same when you are paying yourself.

NZRock: Why’d THE D4 split-up and are you permanently disbanded or just on hiatus?

Jimmy: The D4 reached a point where all our sonic raw power threatened to destroy large sections of civilised society. It was out of love for each other, and humanity itself, that we put the band on ice. Anything could, and most likely will, happen in the future.

NZRock: What are the other D4 guys doing at the moment? Do you keep in touch?

Jimmy: Dion is currently holed up in a city far from here creating more great art, Beaver has travelled to the ends of the earth in the name of true love, and Vaughan has very been busy making strange and exotic sounds with like minded individuals. I like to reach out and touch them all on a regular basis. We are, and shall ever be, brothers from another mother.

NZRock: What are your plans for LUGER BOA after the tour?

There is much to do. An album is ready and waiting to be released. The videos must be made, the word must spread! And of course, I will be putting together the plans for a return to all the places we will have played, and many more besides. Once we have begun, we shall not stop!

NZRock: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Jimmy: Come a little closer…