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After 350 live shows, 2 albums and 8 years, DEJA VOODOO is about to release their third album ‘The Shape Of Grunge To Come’, summed up by the band as a re-ignition of the punk attitude and everyman rock they loved before they had a record deal. September 2009 sees the band kicking off a national tour (which naturally includes a performance in Timaru) in support of the new album. NZRock caught up with lead guitarist Gerald Stewart to find out more…

Your third album ‘Shape Of Grunge To Come’ is just about to be released, are you guys stoked with how the recording turned out?

Totally stoked. We are at full stokage. It was recorded in a Seattle influenced haze which added a fuzzy, heavy and possibly heroin addicted sound to our third and New Zealands first ever album. All praise and thanks be due to our Father in Wellington, New Zealand on Air. The critics won’t get it though, they are hopelessly stuck in the 1980’s/2000’s and they suck balls!….Hope they turn up to the album release though.

I found a press release from earlier in the year which said you guys were going to release the ‘Shape Of Grunge To Come’ in May. What was the reason for delaying until September?

Well i got fired and had to find a flat. And Matt had another kid. Plus a TV show got made. Peirs has been in a bad mood. And there was admittedly some fucking around as well.

I really dig the punisher video, how’d you come up with the theme for the song / vid?

Piers had the basic premise. Matt and Chris fleshed it out and did their usual magic and Chester Dextar and Chris did the animation stuff. Me and piers complained about lying in shit smelling mangrove mud mainly. Duncan filmed most of it beautifully on 16mm so that’s why it looks so good. We love it and the next one is even better.

What album titles did you consider before choosing ‘The Shape Of Grunge To Come’? After releasing ‘Brown Sabbath’ and ‘Back In Brown’ I was wondering if you guys had looked at any options for keeping the “brown” trend going?

Brown side of the moon was discussed…

It seems like everyone in the band is busy with different projects like film, TV etc, how do you all find time to concentrate on everything?

We work hard man. Seriously. Then we get drunk.

You guys played at SXSW, what was that experience like?

Incredible! We played Beers at a sweet bar called Beerland. Perfect. They serve you beer and pizza at the movies for a normal price. That rules. We also played in a tent with BLINDSPOTT all liqoured up on NZ wine. That was choice. Its a party for bands, husslers and associated liggers and we should do one here!

On the topic of overseas shows DEJA VOODOO has performed in London, New York… what have been some of the most memorable times overseas as a band?

The places we have been, the people who have offered us coke. Where to begin? We have partied in New York with DIE DIE DIE and in London with SPANNERS. The Summer tour reunion gig with STEREOGRAM and ELEMENO P there was epic. The most memorable was probably opening a 4 band Aussie music showcase at the Campden Barfly for some reason and it had sold out. But no one with tickets had turned up when we were on and none of our mates could get tickets. So we ended up playing to an empty bar while 50 of our mates got drunk in the bar downstairs. We still rocked.

As far as DEJA VOODOO touring experiences in New Zealand go, what town has the most rugged audience?

We may have been living in Auckland for a while but we are still South Island born, so we are intimidated by no one!

You guys wrote a song about Timaru, do you reckon you could write a song about my hometown New Plymouth one day?

Hell yes! We love New Plymouth. The fans down there go apeshit. There’s your Chorus right there.

You guys are playing at Detenator Fest on New Years! I hear there’s going to be shit loads of fireworks and explosions, any chance we’ll catch Randy Campbell doing some stunts in amongst it all?

Just try to stop the prick, if he turns up. If so I just hope that wanker Dick Johansonson has nothing to do with it.

What are the band’s plans for 2010?

Make music, make videos, tour, repeat. What all truly great bands do.

Thanks for doing the interview and looking forward to catching DEJA VOODOO on tour!

Thanks to you too and see you amongst it!