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  • Tryptamin Interview

    Tryptamin Interview

    The Internet is the world’s biggest record store and I spend many a night using it to discover new bands that like to mix heavy music and atmosphere. Every now and then I’ll uncover musical gems and TRYPTAMIN’s debut album ‘Monday Hangover’ is one of them. Based in Piacenza, Italy, TRYPTAMIN play an eclectic mix of “indie-alternative-post-progressive-electronic-heavy-shoegaze-newwave-pop-rock” with a pinch of ambient thrown in for good measure. Their track ‘Driver’ first caught my attention and ‘Water On The Sun’ sealed the deal, I had to get this album! Pietro Beltrami (vocals / keys / piano / beats) and Marcello Lega (guitar) are here to spread the word of their music to those of us at the opposite end of the globe… Read More…

  • I Killed The Prom Queen Interview

    I Killed The Prom Queen Interview

    Aussie Metalcore heavyweights I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN are back with them comes ‘Beloved’ their heaviest cut of metal to date! Like it’s predecessor ‘Music For The Recently Deceased’ the new album was recorded at Sweden’s Studio Friedman, the birthplace of many a Melodic Death Metal masterpiece over the years. Founding member Jona Weinhofen fills us in on his favourite tracks, the guest appearance by SOILWORK’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid, and just about everything else you’d want to know including when the band might be heading to New Zealand next… Read More…

  • Gardenjia Interview

    Gardenjia Interview

    Discovering GARDENJIA was a total “eureka moment” for this metal listener. All those months searching for a band that combined atmosphere with a heavy, melodic, and modern metal sound had finally paid off! Hailing from Puglia in Southern Italy, this band has been around since 2011 and has so far released an EP called ‘Ievads’ and more recently their debut album ‘Epo’ in May this year. Both recordings breathe new life into the modern metal scene and take the listener on a journey of ascension to a higher plane of audial existence. Raffaele Galasso (vocals / guitar / bass / synths) is here to tell us more about the GARDENJIA story so far… Read More…

  • DevilDriver Interview 2013

    DevilDriver Interview 2013

    Six studio albums in and Californian metallers DEVILDRIVER are showing no signs of slowing down – unless it’s to add a little extra groove of course. The band’s new album ‘Winter Kills’ strikes that perfect balance of the heavy and melodic with interesting lyrical topics such as metaphysics adding another dimension to the music. NZRock speaks to frontman Dez Fafara about the new album and exciting news that DEVILDRIVER will be heading down-under for the Soundwave Festival in 2014. Read More…

  • Karnivool Interview 2013

    Karnivool Interview 2013

    KARNIVOOL’s 2009 album ‘Sound Awake’ was so popular it had them touring the globe for three years afterwards with appearances at festivals such as the Big Day Out, Download and SXSW.

    In 2013 they’re back with ‘Asymmetry’ an album crafted over two years in the band’s Perth studio and produced by Nick DiDia (MASTODON / RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / STONE TEMPLE PILOTS) at Byron Bay’s Studios 301.

    Darker, more experimental, and in places heavier than the band’s previous works ‘Asymmetry’ is a recording that’s sure to see these prog rockers touring the world for at least another three years! Read More…

  • Head Like A Hole Interview 2013

    Head Like A Hole Interview 2013

    Ahhh memories…. listening to HLAH reminds me of a youth spent cruising the streets of New Plymouth in a mate’s old Datsun ute complete with plastic skull blu-tacked to the dashboard and tracks like ‘Hootenanny’ distorting the one remaining speaker.

    It was great news for New Zealand rock n roll when HEAD LIKE A HOLE announced they were reuniting in 2009. Since then they’ve done a sixth album ‘Blood Will Out’, supported the likes of ALICE COOPER, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and AEROSMITH, and recently released the first music video from their ‘MONSTA’ trilogy.

    August 2013 sees HLAH hitting the road for six shows around NZ on the aptly named MONSTA X tour. Frontman Booga Beazley is here to tell us what’s going on in the world of HLAH and provide a little band history too… Read More…

  • Killing Joke Interview

    Killing Joke Interview

    For over three decades KILLING JOKE have been unleashing their distinctive yet ever evolving style of rock music. Finally they have New Zealand in their sights. The band’s show in Auckland on Thursday 13 June 2013 will be their first ever show in New Zealand. NZRock caught up with frontman Jaz. Our first question will probably come as no surprise!… Read More…

  • Amorphis Interview 2013

    Amorphis Interview 2013

    AMORPHIS are the Finnish band that opened this interviewer’s eyes to the Scandinavian metal scene in the 90s with that legendary album ‘Tales From The Thousand Lakes’. While the band’s initial recordings were steeped in death / doom their music has never stopped evolving and over the years has come to embrace atmospheric, progressive and even folk rock genres. On the 2013 album ‘Circle’ they’ve done it again by throwing elements of black metal into the mix. Frontman Tomi Joutsen is here to tell us more about the new recording… Read More…

  • Coheed And Cambria Interview 2013

    Coheed And Cambria Interview 2013

    Following the release of an epic double album The Afterman: Ascension / Descension, prog rockers COHEED AND CAMBRIA are heading back to New Zealand for a one-off show on 17 April 2013! NZRock caught up with drummer Josh Eppard to discuss his recent return to the band, the theme of spiritual meets sci-fi, what makes the COHEED’s music so unique… Read More…

  • Soilwork Interview

    Soilwork Interview

    Swedish melodic death metal legends SOILWORK have never done things by halves… this time they’re back with something double! ‘The Living Infinite’ goes down in history for being the first double album in it’s genre. With 20 tracks in total this album expands SOILWORK’s musical horizons even further while still remaining inspired by that classic SOILWORK sound. Bassist Ola Flink provides us with all the details about ‘The Living Infinite’ including the story behind his lyrical contribution to the track ‘Owls Predict, Oracles Stand Guard’… Read More…